Client: Cafe Kili

Services: Web Design, Photography, Marketing


Involved: Darin Lewis, Eric Wallace, Azuka Okuleye, Scott Krebs

Cafe Kili is a wonderful coffee shop located near the University of South Florida in Temple Terrace. The cafe is known for their kind service and "freshly" roasted coffee (weekly). They have a good local following but wanted to get some outside sales and extend their reach. 

We worked with the outlet to get an online store running while also representing their brand online for their current customers. Through some Internet marketing and good (SEO) Search Engine Optimization practices they were able to reach a larger market.

The cafe hosts "live music" many nights of the week and they wanted to have a calendar of events for their attendees to check. We developed an online calendar system that they can update easily. We also created a simple back-end admin area where they can post their latest news directly to the site.

We setup an in-store photo shoot to capture the 10 different types of beans they roast (in-house) and the ambiance of the cafe itself. 

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